Haleigh is having great fun with the girls in Donabate GNS, who have been busy with their Guitar Tuition and Glee Club since we came back after Easter.

Recently, students have even started to come to class with their guitars already tuned, in order to save time. With these group instrumental classes, the girls have been improving their technical and musical abilities through series of songs, music pieces, play-along backing tracks and technical exercises. They’re also working hard on building rhythm patterns and using dynamics in their playing.

In Glee Club, Haleigh has focused on developing each students’ sense of pitch and vocal range. The class have learned how to breathe effectively whilst singing; good posture and breathing is key to a good performance. They’ve also mastered the art of projecting their voices, as well as singing in harmony as a group. At the end of each practice, the group get together to perform their previous songs, using the whole classroom floor space as their stage. We can’t wait to start singing songs from stage shows!

It’s such a treat to see students’ confidence blossom, and their ability to perform as part of a group significantly enhance over the course of our programmes.

If you wish to enquire about any of our music workshops or programme, please contact Shay on 087 299 5666 or email us at admin@mobilemusicschool.ie