Welcome to our new music education series – The Secret to Succeeding in Music. Learning a musical instrument is very much a journey that takes a lot of time, effort and perseverance. For this reason, we want to share with you our top tips to unlocking the secret to music success! This week we will begin our music education series by talking to MMS piano tutor Ben, who shares his experience of effective practice as music tutor and as a student.


What’s the Secret to Succeeding in Music? Effective Practice

  • When studying for music exams, Ben always encourages the ‘little and often’ approach with our students.
  • This involves optimizing small pockets of time throughout the week, between music lessons, in order to incorporate music practice into students’ daily routine.
  • Some great examples include fitting in just a few minutes of practice during T.V. ad breaks.
  • Tutor tip: cramming won’t cut it!
  • Ben knows from experience as a student himself and as a music tutor that effective practice needs to become part of students’ lifestyle in order to be successful for music exams.


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The Secret to Succeeding in Music – Part 2: Progress at Your Own Pace coming next week!