Our drumming workshops always prove to be extremely popular, so much so that we continue delivering them throughout the summer! This July, our fabulous tutor Karen delivered a ‘Drumming Rock Stars’ programme, across Bray, Greystones, Wicklow, Arklow, and Blessington libraries! Karen delivered these workshops over three separate days, drumming all over County Wicklow! Read on to learn about what Karen covered.


Drumming Workshops- What do they involve?

Our drumming workshops allow children to explore the percussion family through games, activities and performing. These drumming sessions develop the children’s understanding of rhythm, improves their rhythmical ability, and enables them to perform as part of a drumming ensemble. Each session incorporates station learning, and ensures that each child gets an opportunity to play a range of percussion instruments. Further, each drumming workshop culminates in an end of workshop performance, that combines the different rhythms and activities covered during the session.


Drumming Rock Stars- Wicklow Library

The ‘Drumming Rock Stars’ workshops were delivered across three days, across several libraries in Wicklow. On some days, Karen visited two libraries in one day! Karen brought down a range of percussion instruments to each library, from djembes to shakers, to ensure that the children got to experience all different kinds of percussion instruments.  Karen demonstrated how each piece of equipment was played first, and then instructed the children how to play the instrument for themselves. The children learnt all different kinds of techniques from Karen, and Karen made each workshop easy to follow, fun and enjoyable. Our goal behind each workshop is for the children to learn without realizing they are learning. This way, the children develop important musical concepts and techniques, all while having fun and enjoying themselves. This type of environment causes the children to flourish, and develop skills and techniques that will last.


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