The Mobile Music School as just launched two new afterschool music programmes – ‘Little Musicians’ music classes and ‘Glee Club’ singing lessons – in Edmondstown NS. Mobile Music tutor Linda was delighted to be greeted by lots of eager smiles from the excited students.

First up were the Junior and Senior Infants, who were put through their paces with a group song called ‘Hello’. Everyone got to grips with singing together first, and then engaged in a call-and-answer style activity of singing to introduce themselves.


Using the Kodaly Method

The infants learned all about the notes ‘doh’ and ‘soh’ and their accompanying Kodaly hand-signs, and were then able to sing their names using ‘doh’ and ‘soh’.

Since then, they’ve all been practicing their hand-signs and putting their new notes into action with Kodaly songs like ‘Harry Hare’ and ‘Swallows Fly’, which they all love!

The infants have also been working on their own heart-melting rendition of ‘Truly Scrumptious’ from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Improving Singing Posture

Equally eager were the mixed group of Glee Club students, who took their first steps towards aligning their posture and engaging with their diaphragms. They also began learning about healthy vocal placement and shaping of vowels. So many of the students were surprised by how their range increased with just a few technical adjustments!

They then began working on ‘You’ve Got A Friend In Me’ form the Pixar classic Toy Story, as well as the likes of ‘Viva La Vida’ by Coldplay and ‘The Greatest’ by Sia.


Derived from our singing workshops for schools, our ‘Glee Club’ after-school music programme has become a hugely popular and enjoyable after-school class, as it gives students the opportunity to sing many of their favourite songs.

For students looking to explore a wide variety of music, our ‘Little Musicians’ after-school music programme fully immerses pupils in the music-making process. Each child learns to develop a love of music, as well as a range of transferable musical skills.


More Afterschool Music Programmes

If you wish to enquire about our wide range of after-school music programmes for schools, please contact us to discuss these options in further detail.