Over the past number of years we have combined music with Gaeilge, our national language, to bring Irish heritage to life in schools and to encourage greater student interaction with cultural arts.

Last year we adapted our range of music workshops aimed at secondary schools for language schools. Here we merge music and English to create educational, interactive and fun music sessions that encourage every student to take direction and communicate effectively.

Not only are these workshops musically and linguistically beneficial, they are also friendly social events where students can improve their vocabulary and fluency in a relaxed, non-pressurised environment.

We offer several programmes designed specifically for Language Schools:


Music Workshops

We offer once off introductory workshops to form part of your activity diary or short courses to give your students the option of putting on a performance.

Our range of workshops include:

‘Let’s Drum’

An interactive, energising and fun drumming & percussion workshop that give everybody an opportunity to learn beats, rhythms and patterns on a range of percussion instruments.


‘Let’s Sing’

An interactive singing workshop, which explores the voice, encourages vocal projection and voice control, and aims to increase self confidence whilst covering a list of set activities and songs.


‘A Musical Slice’

This is a musical theatre themed workshop that merges music with movement and drama. Workshops involve students progressing through a set of activities that sees them creating a slice from a well known musical by the end of the workshop.


We frequently take bookings from language schools – if you would like more information about our music programmes please get in touch to discuss your extra curricular activities.