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One of the many ‘Music in the Classroom’ programmes we offer here at the Mobile Music School is ‘Tin Whistle in the Classroom’. These classroom music projects are based on the three core strands of the NCCA music curriculum and are suitably planned and structured for each class group.

Mobile Music tutor Darren is back in Lucan ETNS again this year teaching Tin Whistle and Music Literacy to 1st-6th class students. Using enjoyable music and backing tracks, Darren is helping to develop students’ technical and musical abilities, whilst allowing their musical awareness, confidence and self-esteem to develop.

These music lessons are always full of fun for the pupils as they are encouraged to actively participate in the music-making process. Over the past few weeks, the students have developed a strong sense of rhythm and can focus on really listening to each other when they play as an ensemble.

It’s great to see the pupils growing in confidence week-on-week. They love playing on their own for the class and performing in front of each other. Some of the kids are so keen that they even go home and learn tunes on their own for the following class!

For more information on our classroom music for primary schools, please contact us to discuss our options in more detail.