The Mobile Music School are delighted to be invited back to Lucan Educate Together NS this year to deliver more Classroom Music programmes. Mobile Music tutor Darren Hatch has been busy delivering Tin Whistle in the Classroom to 1st to 3rd class students this September, and it’s shaping up to be a great term!

The class groups Darren taught last year have done a superb job remembering everything they learnt throughout the previous year, so instead of focusing on revision work, the students are jumping straight into learning new music skills and material. We are also lucky to have two new 1st classes this year, who are very bright and eager to learn.

September music lessons have involved lots of clapping games with each class to strengthen rhythmic awareness. Students were introduced to the soprano saxophone and how it relates to the tin whistle. Darren will be bringing in more instruments as the weeks go on; the students are always excited by new instruments. Our beginner pupils are also off to a flying start and are focusing on learning what it takes to produce nice, clear sounds on their instrument.

The teachers in Lucan ETNS are all very involved and helpful; some classes are even practicing between Darren’s visits, which is brilliant to see!


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