The classes in St Paul’s SNS taking part in our ‘Percussion in the Classroom’ programme are sounding great and developing really well this term.

Third class are continuing to explore the beat by learning all about the different types of tempo. So far we have covered Adagio and Allegro.

We’re delighted to see students’ call and response rhythms improving week on week as their aural and musical awareness continues to develop and grow.

Students are gradually getting their samba routine together and, we must say, their patterns are beginning to sound really good!


This month we focused on learning about the orchestra as part of our listening activity. So far they’ve learned about the four families, the conductor and the composer. Next week they will focus on listening carefully to the percussion section.

Fourth class are singing Ireland’s call, which is sounding superb due to all their practice. Next up will be the Christmas songs.

We’ve seen such hard work from everyone this month on musical literacy. Both classes are now able to read and perform a piece of music with crotchets, rests and quaver. They’ve even begun including the dynamics!

Fifth and Sixth class are working on Cheer Squad and improving their ability to read music notation. Students have also learnt “Let Her Go” by Passenger. So far they’ve covered above music notes, bar lines, time signatures and the treble clef and are working very hard on their music theory, as always.

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