Percussion has been running in St Paul’s SNS since September 2013 and we are delighted to be returning this year to deliver a 30-week percussion programme.

Bright and early on 7 September we began to work with several classes – ranging from third to sixth class – in the school. It was lovely to meet this year’s third class for the first time!

The classes quickly began to learn about the snare drum, the march band and the beat. The classes finished with some fun rhythm clapping games that all the children enjoyed.

Fourth class began by learning about the different types of music notes, including their and names and their sounds. The music notes were turned into a fun game involving 30 drums in a circle with the children taking turns as the composer – this activity definitely tested their skills and their nerves, but was a big success!

Fifth and sixth classes have become very proficient reading and performing music as part of an ensemble over the past two years. This year their classes began by learning how to write music notation as well as going back over some very important things. They will be working on a performance piece from next week!

Monday’s are always lots of fun in Ayrfield! Here’s to a fun-filled musical year with all these wonderful children.

If you would like to book a ‘Percussion in the Classroom’ programme or ‘Let’s Drum’ workshop, please contact us by emailing .