Music was once described as “the universal language of mankind” by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Indeed, what better way to immerse yourself in a new language than by learning through the means of music?

We believe that when it comes to developing a foreign language, music training plays a significant role in learning the grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation of any language. Not only does music strengthen the brain’s neural activation but it also focuses one’s listening skills, resulting in better auditory and memory attention. These advantages have proven to be highly beneficial for students looking to improve their fluency in English.

The workshops we have on offer for language schools include ‘Let’s Drum’, ‘Let’s Sing’ and ‘Learn & Explore’. With each of our music sessions, students find that the link made between familiar songs and new information significantly aids their vocabulary. Practicing and communicating with one another results in participants quickly adapting to the English language and lingo in an easy going, non-pressurised environment.



Our tutors here at the Mobile Music School place a great emphasis on the relationship between music and language development, as well as it’s social advantages. Our interactive, energetic, group workshops equip participants with a set of skills that enable them to feel linguistically, musically and socially competent enough to perform at the end-of-session demonstration. We aim to promote a sense of fun through music so that each student comes away with a boost in confidence and self-esteem when both performing and speaking publicly.

No matter what your ability may be, the Mobile Music School has something for you. So, join us, now! For additional information or any inquiries you may have please contact a member of our team through our contact form.