With Term One of 23/24 coming to a close, we wanted to recap all the amazing music for schools programmes and workshops we delivered! We had a blast delivering music for schools nationwide throughout the term, and we are extremely grateful to each and every school that we delivered our workshops and programmes in. Further, we’re extremely grateful to all of our amazing tutors, who worked so hard this term. We had a really busy term, full of great moments! Considering this, read on below for our highlights of the term!


Music for Schools: Our Term 1 Highlights

Schools visited:

We had a bumper term, and as a result, we worked in 40 schools, across 7 counties. We also delivered 25 programmes, and 42 workshops. Further, we also delivered workshops and live music performances workshops in 11 libraries and events! We were delighted to be kept so busy, and we’re extremely grateful to every school who worked with us over the term!


New Tutors:

This term, we welcomed new tutors Taylor Graham and Niamh Ni Lochlainn to our team! They’ve been a great addition to our team, and we’ve been blessed to have them on board with us!


Live Music Performances:

This term, in partnership with Draiocht, we developed two brand new live performances- our Primary School Singalong, and our Christmas Family Singalong.

For the Primary School Singalong, the plan was to bring 480 children together from 4 different schools, and teach them a range of songs that culminated in a live performance! The amazing Dave McGauran went into the schools for 6 weeks, and taught the children a repertoire of songs. Dave worked on correct vocal technique and exercises with the children. He then taught them a range of songs that they would later perform in the Draiocht. On the final day of the classes, Dave was joined by Susan McFadden, to finalise the songs. We had two live shows in the Draiocht, where the Playground Orchestra Orchestra accompanied the children singing the songs they had learnt. Susan McFadden also sang with the children, and performed solo for the audience as well. The children sang a range of songs, including everything from Taylor Swift to ABBA.

For our Christmas Family Singalong, we had two live performance in the Draiocht, where the Playground Orchestra accompanied the audience, as the audience sang along to Popular Christmas songs! Susan McFadden also sang with the audience, and the shows were hosted by Mark Rogers.



The morning with Niamh went great! The staff here in the library were super impressed at how she was able to keep both groups engaged for the full hour, it was amazing! The kids all left with happy faces and had a great time! Niamh was brilliant and such a pleasure to have in the library this morning!! Thanks so much for everything, we are really happy with the whole experience.”- Central Library

“And thanks very much to Lizzie also, the children on Saturday were greatly entertained by her.”-Johnston Central Library

“I just wanted to let the music school know how impressed we are here with Taylor. Today is Taylor’s last day with us and I can honestly say, she was superb. The kids loved her and she was so engaging and fun. She kept the lessons dynamic….no pun intended….and had great control of the kids and great structure to her lessons. She is a credit to your music school and we really look forward to having her again here.” – Broadford National School



Term 2 for 2023/24

We are really looking forward to coming back with a bang next term! Our calendar is already filling up quickly, so please book now to avoid disappointment!

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