Here at the Mobile Music School, our team of professional music tutors are passionate and dedicated to delivering quality classroom music for primary schools.

We returned to St Paul’s SNS in early September to continue with our Music in the Classroom project. Since 2013 we have been teaching the pupils in St Paul’s and it was great to return to see so many excited pupils ready to continue with their musical journey.

This term the classes are focusing on hand drums. During these drumming lessons, each child has been learning about the various techniques involved with playing the congas, bongos and djembe.

The pupils have been developing their understanding and awareness of the following; beat, rhythm and timbre with some children taking on the roles of being the classroom conductor or the classroom composer.

Over the next few weeks the classes will focus on getting the children to develop their understanding of music notation through learning various pieces of percussion music.

We hope to have some photos of the classes in action very soon, so keep an eye on our blog over the coming weeks for more info on our fun-filled music for schools and additional updates on how our Music in the Classroom project is progressing.

If you would like to learn more about our Music in the Classroom programmes, please contact us and we will arrange to meet with you and give you an outline of what we do in more detail.