Along with a passion for music education, the Mobile Music School also has a strong love for the Irish language. Since our establishment in 2011, we have been delivering music workshops and programmes as Gaeilge in Primary Schools nationwide. Mobile Music tutor Siún is currently teaching fiddle lessons in Gaelscoil Dun Aonghusa and has just finished up a Classroom Music programme in Gaelscoil Inse Chóir.

Gaelscoil Dun Aonghusa

The students in Scoil Aonghusa have been working hard since the beginning of the term. Since commencing their Classroom Music programme, the pupils have added greatly to their musical ability.

Through continuous practice week-on-week, all the students are now able to confidently play a tune on the fiddle. They are also becoming more familiar with certain technical aspects of the fiddle that will help them develop even further as musicians. Going forward, the students are looking forward to adding to their repertoire of tunes in the coming year.


Gaelscoil Inse Chóir

Both junior and senior infants have shown lots of engagement in their music lessons, and enthusiasm in music since the start of the new term. The junior infants class are grasping the concept of different dynamics in music, and can recognise these dynamics in different pieces of music. They have also begun to engage with the idea that music can represent a thought, a feeling or even various themes. The senior infants class have been working on their understanding of music and the story it tells. They have also been looking at various instruments and engaging with the different sounds they can make.


More Classroom Music as Gaeilge

Derived from our short music programme, ‘Violin in the Classroom’ enables schools to offer students a weekly violin lesson overseen by a qualified violin teacher, with options for students to be taught entirely as Gaeilge. If you would like additional information on this classroom music for primary schools, please contact us.