The Mobile Music students at St. Phadraic Cailíní have all been learning new songs in the lead up to the Easter Break, as part of their Guitar and Glee Club programme.

In Guitar group, our little rock-stars are continuing with their song writing and learning to play Little Mix’s “Wings”. Mobile Music tutor, Kaleigh, has been working with the same group all throughout the year, so she and the class are great pals at this stage. Over January, they focused on chord progressions and song writing, as well as learning “Sweet Home Alabama”. The class wrote their own little verse that they sing and play at the end of each lesson; the girls loved writing the lyrics and chord sequence.

Glee Club have been practicing “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus, and adding lots dance moves and emotion to it. The girls are concentrating on reaching those high notes in preparation to learn ‘Breakaway’ by Kelly Clarkson. At the end of each lesson they recap on the previous learned songs, as well as their confidence skills. The class have also been discussing the future of studying music, as some students are starting secondary school next year and are excited about the prospect of continuing to study music.

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