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the mobile music school

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the mobile music school

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the mobile music school

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the mobile music school


Primary School

How many children can you take at a time?

We can take a maximum of 32 children.

How long does a short programme last?

Our short programmes last 6 or 10 weeks depending on what suits your budget.

How long does a classroom music programme last?

These programmes are ran over a period of 20 weeks or more.

How many class groups can you teach in a day?

We can take a maximum of 6 class groups for 45 minutes each or 8 class groups for 30 minutes each.

Secondary School

How many students can you take at a time?

We can contain a maximum of 32 children.

How long to the workshops last?

Our workshops as a once off music class that last 80 minutes.

How many classes can you accommodate in a day?

We can accommodate a maximum of three 80 minute workshops in a day.

How long does a short programmes last?

A short programme consists of weekly 80 minute class ran over a 4 week block.

Pre-School & Montessori

How long does each class last?

Our class can last 30 or 45 minutes.

How long does your visit last?

Our visits generally last 90 minutes. During this time we can take 3 groups for 30 minutes each or 2 groups for 45 minutes each.

What is the duration of a Little Musicians programme?

This programme is ran over a 6 week block.

Do you run class and workshops during the school holidays?

Yes we do.


How long do your workshops last?

50 minutes.

What do you need when you visit?

We need a room or area in the library to set and use of a projector of an overhead projector and laptop.

Language Schools

How long do your workshops last?

Our one off workshops last 60 minutes.


How long do your team building workshops last?

These workshops last 90 minutes or 3 hours depending on your budget.

Do you come into the workplace?

Yes we do.

Can you offer weekly classes for staff wellbeing and that type of thing?

Yes can offer weekly tuition on a range of instruments. Contact us to learn more.

What age group are your family day workshops aimed at?

We can offer workshops aimed as a specific age groups, for example 4 – 7 year olds, 8 – 12 year olds and teenagers or we can offer a workshop suitable for children aged 4 – 12 years of age.
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