Every day we get lots of queries about our drumming workshops for schools, so we thought we’d write a blog post to give you a better insight into what these wonderful workshops are all about.

‘Let’s Drum’

Our drumming workshops for schools are called ‘Let’s Drum’ because our approach is to give every child the opportunity to perform and drum together for the duration of the workshop.

These drumming workshops for schools consist of station learning, meaning that the children are actively engaged throughout each workshop by learning & performing rhythms; exploring the significance of the beat; learning about key music terminology; and performing as a percussion group.

Indeed, all of this sounds rather technical. However, over the years we’ve developed our method so that it is fun-filled and activity-based. The beauty of these drumming workshops for schools is that every child is learning about and performing music without even realising they are learning.

Time and time again we get repeat bookings and referrals from schools for “Let’s Drum” drumming workshops.


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