Booking Terms

Thank you for making a booking with the Mobile Music School. In order for your school to get the most from our tutor and music programme we ask you to familiarise yourself with the booking terms below.


  • The timetable submitted on the booking form will be the timetable we’re using on the day
  • No additional or longer classes can be facilitated without prior agreement
  • Any changes to the booking need to be made directly through the MMS office and not with our tutors

What to expect?

  • In the case of one day workshops, we will arrive 30 minutes in advance of the workshop and will need access to the room to set up
  • In the case of 6 week or longer bookings, our tutor will arrive 15 minutes in advance of the first class
  • All of our programmes are designed to be interactive, educational and fun, along with being in line with parameters discussed at the time of booking
  • We don’t share our lesson plans, but upon request, classroom teachers can be given a tick sheet of the strands and strand units covered at the end of a 6 week programme, or at the end of each term during a long programme

What we expect?

  • That our tutor is welcomed into your school, treated the way you’d like to be treated and supported as a visiting tutor to your school
  • That each class is ready to start their class on time
  • That the classroom teacher is supportive throughout the workshop, with an open line of communication at all times
  • That the children are well behaved and attentive during their workshop
  • That any specific content requests are asked before we start to enable us to factor it into our programme plan

Cancellations/ Missed Classes

  • In the event of MMS having to cancel or rearrange a workshop booked due to illness, family bereavement, incremental weather conditions or other external factors, the MMS will liaise with the school to rearrange the planned event for another suitable day. MMS will not charge for this lost day but reserves the right to organise a make-up day for the time/ day lost
  • If a school cancels a workshop booking 2-weeks before it is due to happen; the school is required to pay 50% of the agreed fee for that day
  • If a school cancels an event 1 week or less before it is due to happen; the school is required to pay 100% of the fee
  • If a tutor is sick or unable to deliver the agreed workshops on a particular day MMS will contact the designated contact person in the school by 8.45am on the day in question
  • MMS tutors to be welcomed into school and treated as part of the team for the duration of their visit
  • Where applicable Interactive white boards and other suitable classroom resources (CD player, white board etc) are to be made available to Mobile Music School tutors during classroom programmes

Payment Terms

  • Payments can be made online by EFT only after you receive an invoice from MMS
  • MMS tutors are not responsible for payment. Please do not give them a cheque
  • Please reference the invoice number on all bank transfers

Social Media Request

  • Please follow us and tag us on social media- you’ll find us on Facebook & Instagram below:
    Facebook – The Mobile Music School
    Instagram – @mobilemusicschool
  • Please give us a mention and include a link to our website on any blog posts or newsletters you send out to parents. Our website is


  • We welcome feedback on every level of the services we offer and would strongly encourage you to contact Clare in our office. Clare’s contact details are 087 422 1422 or
  • In the highly unlikely event of something not meeting your desired standard we ask you to highlight the changes you’d like to see made and give us an opportunity to implement those changes