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Mobile Music tutor Joanne was due to be in Shanbogh NS delivering the final week of our 6 week ‘Let’s Sing’ programme on the same day as all the National Schools in Ireland were due to raise their tricolour flag and read the Proclamation aloud. Instead of the usual programme timetable, Joanne arrived at the school a little later in order to stay for the event.

As the parents were visiting the school for this momentous ceremony, we decided to give them a musical treat and perform some pieces that the students had learned throughout the course of the programme. Each class group performed a silly warm-up action song, a folk song and a modern song; this gave the pupils the opportunity to show off their performer’s etiquette, which they had been perfecting in the weeks previous to the event. The juniors opted for “Tinga Layo” and “The Bare Necessities”, while “Abiyoyo” and “Pompeii” were popular with the seniors.

Finally, to set the atmosphere for the events to follow, all classes joined together to sing “Legion of the Rear-guard”. They then headed out into the sunshine to commemorate the 1916 Rising by singing the National Anthem. The students performed beautifully and did themselves, and the school, very proud.

This was such a lovely way to end to our time in Shanbogh NS. We were delighted to see the children so pleased with their event.

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