The Mobile Music School offers and delivers interactive, educational & fun music workshops and programmes to schools throughout Ireland. From once-off workshops, short programmes, classroom music and after-school programmes, we have something for every class group, ability and budget!

Through activities, games and hands-on learning, our approach places students at the centre of the learning process as they learn new musical skills and explore the world of music.

With every music lesson we deliver, our goal is to fuel students’ creativity with engaging content.

Why not take the stress and challenges out of teaching music this year and get the Mobile Music School to do it for you?

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Meet The Team

Behind every successful music workshop or programme is our dedicated team of professional tutors. Driven to inspire students’ passion for music, our trusted tutors ensure each music lesson is delivered in a child-centred manner.

Each tutor is highly experienced in working with large class groups, taking the pressure of teaching music off teachers. To make music classes simple and stress-free for schools, our staff also manage the entire administrative load relating to our programmes.

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Shay Lally

Shay Lally

Creative Director

Bebhinn Sheridan Sii

Business Development Executive

Edel Kenny

Projects Coordinator

Katie Carpenter

Katie Carpenter

Singing & Musical Theatre

mobile music school - violin teacher

Karen Barry


Cathy Desmond

Violin & Classroom Music

Siún Glackin


mobile music school - recorder teacher

Eliza Buckley

Recorder & Classroom Music

mobile music school - percussion teacher

Ben Cooper


Zoe Gough


Filipa Quintino

Pre-instrumental & Glee

Nóra Crupp


Sophie Maria Carroll

Singing & Pre-instrumental


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