Here at the Mobile Music School, we pride ourselves on delivering high quality music classes in schools nationwide. Each year we deliver workshops, short programmes, and classroom music programmes to hundreds of schools, libraries, youth centres and language schools nationwide! Each week, our tutors are working hard across the country to provide high quality music classes in schools. However, due to current circumstances, we have had to adapt! With the lockdown having been extended, we have taken some of these lessons online. Read on to learn more about our violin lessons, just one of many school music programmes we facilitate!


Music Classes in Schools- Taking our lessons online

This year, our fabulous violin tutor Karen had been delivering after school violin lessons in both Belmayne ETNS, and Marist Primary School. However, due to school closures, Karen has now been running these lessons online via Zoom. Each week, each of Karen’s students receives their one on one lesson via Zoom, and each week students work on their violin techniques, music notation, and playing abilities. Each lesson is 30 minutes long.


Our Violin Lessons

Each student’s individual needs are taken into account during these lessons. Students work at their own pace, with our tutor Karen helping each student to receive their full potential. Firstly, in these classes, students develop their music notation skills. Secondly, they build their confidence performing weekly, which helps to boost their self-esteem as musicians. Thirdly, these lessons give students a sense of achievement by developing their technical and musical abilities as violinists. As well as music theory and performance skills, Karen also develops the skills and technical ability of each student. Students learn set pieces weekly, and each student has the option to take part in ABRSM or RIAM graded exams.

Our Violin Lessons Aim to:

  • develop the technical proficiency of every student on their chosen instrument
  • develop each students understanding of music theory and music notation
  • give students a life-long love of music


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