Mobile Music tutor Katie has had the pleasure of teaching the students of Rampark NS, who are doing a ‘Let’s Sing’ music programme. This programme helps the students to discover their voice and explore the importance of posture, breathing and vocal technique whilst singing.

The infants are playing lots of musical games and have learned ‘Dig a Little Deeper’ with actions and movement. We have to say, both junior and senior infant classes are so mature and capable when it comes to lessons- a real delight to teach!

We’re always delighted to see our 1st to 4th class students buzzing with energy each week. With no shortage of talented solo singers, the groups sang a “Cheerleader” mash-up, complete with harmonies and soloists.

Our music tutors are so grateful for the positive feedback from the staff. Teachers have commented on the students’ progress, saying how great it is to see some pupils who would normally shy away in regular class step forward to sing solo.

The aim of our programmes is not only to develop students’ musical skills, but to boost their self-esteem as musicians, too. It’s always a joy to see the children’s confidence grow week-on-week as they practice performing in front of an audience.

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