Here at the Mobile Music School we believe that children should be given exposure to music from a young age in a fun, calm and interactive learning environment.

Music education in the early stages of childhood has a wide range of benefits in areas such as language development, long-term memory, hand-eye co-ordination, problem-solving and social competence, to name just a few!

It is for this reason that we are delighted to be working with, and offering a range of programmes to preschools and after-school clubs.


Little Musicians

Our ‘Little Musicians’ programme is aimed at preschool children and children of a school-going age in after-school clubs. These classes explore the sounds of every day life, the sounds of the orchestra and the sounds of voices; the children learn action songs & music notation, perform on percussion instruments and have fun playing a range of musical games.

These classes give children a positive musical experience – which we hope is the beginning of a long musical journey with music making!

These classes are available in six or ten week blocks – or as a weekly activity.


Instrument Lessons

Once children reach a certain age, our belief at the Mobile Music School is that they should commence the next part of their musical journey and learn an instrument.

Our team includes some of the most accomplished musicians in Ireland who love to share their passion by teaching children. The music classes we offer include guitar, recorder and violin, and the tuition options we offer include group classes or one-to-one lessons.

Music lessons take place on a weekly basis during the school term.


If you would like more information about our preschool or afterschool music classes, please contact us or email