Our informative InService workshops aim to simplify the strands and content of the NCCA music curriculum, and to enhance the teaching and learning of music in schools.

Prior to our visit, schools select which area they would prefer their InService workshop to focus on – general music, singing or percussion.

General music provides teachers with a general overview of the subject of music whereas the singing or percussion options are aimed at the teaching of the curriculum through singing or percussion-based activities.

These workshops give teachers an open floor to discuss the challenges they are faced with when teaching music, and encourage the group to offer solutions to one another.

A key focus of these InService sessions is the creation of a child-centred and structured lesson plan. This is done through the analysis of activities, focusing on what can be covered with children, to ensure the content of the curriculum is covered.

At the end of each workshop, teachers will be encouraged to create a simple five-week scheme to implement in their classroom.