Developed from our one-day workshops, our short music programmes are available as a six or 10-week course and aim to give schools the opportunity to run a high quality and well planned music class at an affordable price. Please see the various options outlined below.

We also offer our range of short music programmes as Gaeilge. To visit the Gaeilge version of our website, please click here.


Let’s Drum

This percussion-based course explores the role of percussion in music from all corners of the world. Each workshop also investigates the importance of ‘the beat’, develops each child’s rhythmical abilities, teaches students how to read and create music notation and gives each student the opportunity to perform each week as part of a classroom percussion ensemble.

These interactive and energy-filled classes culminate in an end of programme classroom performance of the performance piece learned during the course. Our drumming workshops remain one of our most popular type of music classes we offer at primary schools and are sure to be a hit with the students.

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Let’s Sing

This singing-based programme enables students to discover their voice and explore the importance of posture, breathing and vocal technique whilst singing.

During each singing class, pupils learn and perform a wide repertoire of songs, develop their aural awareness through vocal games and explore the beat and rhythm too. Classes explore pitch, the singing voice and introduce pupils to tonic solfa.

Students perform the repertoire of songs learned during classes at an end-of-programme classroom concert. Our short music programmes are a great way for students to develop personal confidence and become more comfortable performing to an audience in public.

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Learn & Explore

These interactive, fun and activity-based classes aim to enhance each child’s musical awareness and aim to give each child a firm musical foundation.

During classes, students discover that music tells a story. With the help of our professional tutors, they explore the role of the conductor, investigate the importance of percussion, and learn about dynamics, tempo, mood, the beat and rhythm. Students learn and perform songs, compose music using set sounds and play along to music.

This short music programme culminates in a classroom performance of the songs and percussion music learned during the programme.

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