The Mobile Music School aims to offer the best customer service possible by providing all the information you need to know for making a booking.

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions. If your question is not answered on this page, please contact us and one of our team members will answer any queries you may have in more detail.


What space is needed to deliver workshops and programmes in schools?

We require a school hall or an empty classroom to deliver our workshops and programmes

We can arrange weekly classroom music programmes to take place in each classroom

We require an empty room to deliver after-school or extra-curricular music lessons


Is any musical equipment required from schools?

We do not require any musical equipment from schools for the following workshops and programmes:

‘Let’s Drum’, ‘Percussion in the Classroom’, ‘Let’s Sing’, ‘Singing in the Classroom’, ‘A Musical Slice’ and ‘Learn & Explore’


Schools or students are required to provide their own musical instruments for the following programmes:

‘Violin in the Classroom’, ‘Fiddle in the Classroom’, ‘Tin Whistle in the Classroom’ and ‘Recorder in the Classroom’


Students are required to have their own Guitar, Recorder or Violins for after school classes


How long does each music session last?

Primary schools:

Workshops and weekly music lessons for short programmes typically last 45-minutes

Classroom music programmes last 30 or 45 minutes

Weekly after-school programmes last 50 minutes

Secondary schools:

Workshops last 80 minutes (double-class duration)

Extra-curricular one-to-one lessons typically last 30 minutes

Extra-curricular group lessons last 50 minutes

Extra-curricular tuition can take place during or after school


How many students can we facilitate in each workshop or programme?

We cater for up to 32 pupils in all workshops, short programmes and classroom music programmes

We cater for between 8 and 12 pupils in each after-school group class


How far in advance do I need to book?

Workshops and short programmes are booked four to eight weeks in advance

Classroom music projects and after-school programmes are set up in schools after an initial consultation


When do I pay?

For workshops, payment is to be made on the day of the workshop

For short programmes and classroom music programmes, payment is to be made by monthly invoice (7 days credit offered)

For extra-curricular or after-school programmes, each parent makes payment directly to the Mobile Music School at the start of the term


Is there an option for students to receive a certificate upon completion?

Yes, Certificates of Participation are available for all students


What is expected of students?

Students are expected to listen and engage fully with workshops and classes

Good behaviour is expected throughout