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The students in Rush and Lusk ETNS are progressing well with their ‘Violin in the Classroom’ music programme, and have now started learning how to read music. They have also been learning how to recognise the symbols for ta, titi and a rest (shh), and are flying along at it!

2nd class have been reading the notes to “Mary Had a Little Lamb” and have started plucking the song. The class looked at sheet music to songs which they had previously learned in class by ear, and were quick to understand how to read the sheet music to the song.

3rd class are busy learning about duets and how to read duet sheet music. They’ve started bowing the D major scale and are getting really good at remembering the correct finger pattern for F# and C#.

4th class are developing their bowing skills and have decided they prefer bowing to plucking, now. They continue to work hard on songs for their community concert in March. “Twinkle, Twinkle” is looking like it’s going to be on their repertoire for the event!

5th and 6th are working on “Ode to Joy” and “Movie Buster”, which is an upbeat jazzy piece of music. The class groups are focusing on playing in tune and staying together when they play. These two pieces are coming along really well, and are likely to be on their concert repertoire. Now all they have to do is choose a 3rd piece to go with it.

We can’t wait to hear more from the students of Rush and Lusk ETNS after the Easter break.


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