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Mobile Music tutor Joanne McCabe has been working with the students of Gorey Educate Together who are progressing week-on-week with their ‘Let’s Sing’ classroom music programme. Stemmed from our once-off singing workshops for schools, this curriculum-based music education programme works wonders at boosting our students’ confidence in performing.

Before Christmas, the class groups were learning songs like ‘It’s Time’, ‘Ho Hey’ and ‘Breaking Free’. These fun-filled ‘Let’s Sing’ weekly music classes consist of warm up concentration and pitching tasks such as 1,2,1 and the days of the week, slowly progressing so that they can leave out pitches and pitch mentally to complete the scales in tune. ‘It’s time’ also incorporated sections of body percussion, which everyone enjoyed!




We also did some work on rounds and incorporated Calypso. Theory work included stave, clefs, dynamics and the Italian terms associated, as well as note values and a start at tonic solfa. Students were also introduced to the physiology of the voice and examples of good/bad vocal practice.

For our final week, most classes got involved to end the term on a strong, energetic, musical performance, which the school used for a Winter Performance before finishing up for Christmas.

To enquire about our ‘Let’s Sing’ music programmes for primary schools, please contact us on 087 299 5666 or email us for more information.