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Looking for engaging music resources? We’ve got the perfect classroom activity that integrates music, arts and crafts all at once! Finding music resources for fun-filled, interactive lesson plans has never been easier with our educational how-to guides.


Educational Workshops for Schools

These music resources for primary schools can be used to create engaging educational workshops for students. Why not increase the presence of music education in schools by crafting your very own homemade musical instruments as a class group?


Music Resources recommended by Teachers

Our professional music teachers find that these hands-on music lessons for primary schools encourage creativity through activity-based learning. The aim of all of our interactive music lessons for primary schools is to promote an open, non-pressurized learning environment for all pupils.


Video Guide

Check out this quick and easy video guide by Buggy and Buddy to learn how to make your very own homemade plan flute.



You Will Need

  • Wide, coloured straws
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Sticky tape (double-sided if possible)
  • Card
  • Pens/markers for decoration



1. Cut five straws into equally varying lengths, using a ruler and scissors.

Tip: Encourage students to measure and cut the straws themselves, and explore how the different lengths effect the sound of the flute.

Challenge: Try making an 8-straw pan flute, with each straw representing do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do


2. Cut out two pieces of card, measuring approx. 18cm x 4cm


3. Decorate the cut-out cards with your own musical designs, using pens, markers, glitter, etc.


4. Add sticky tape to the entire length of the back of one of the cut-out cards.


5. Place the straws on the sticky tape in ascending order, spacing them out evenly across the card.

Tip: Start by placing the smallest straw on one end, the largest straw on the opposite end, the middle straw in the centre and then slot in the other two straws accordingly.


6. Add sticky tape to the back of the second card strip and place it on the opposite side of the straws, in line with the first card strip.


7. Number each straw from 1-5 and you’re ready to go!


Create your own songs and melodies, and even incorporate other instruments to make a harmony. See our other educational how-to guides for more information on how to make more homemade musical instruments in the classroom.


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Share your Creations

We’d love to see pictures of your musical creations and hear you experiment with them! Share your feedback with us on Facebook and Twitter and let us know how you got on.


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