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This term, all three fifth classes in Holy Trinity SNS have been learning about music notation. These hard-working class groups are showing great progress, and have become especially skilled at reading and performing rhythms.

Each class commences with a piece called “Let’s Drum”. This is a piece of music that we often use in our classroom percussion programmes, and has proven to be popular with our percussion students.

‘Let’s Drum’ involves learning a two-part rhythm whereby the class is broken into two groups, with each group focusing on their own musical line. This activity enhances each child’s ability to read and follow music, whilst increasing their ability to work in groups and improving each child’s listening skills.

In addition to music literacy and ‘Let’s Drum’, these class groups have been learning about all the different musical families contained within an orchestra, as well as the role of the conductor and work of a composer.

With these classes, our students have learned about the instrument line up and explored the rock band. To date, we’ve also covered the role of the drummer and the structure of songs including intro, virus, chorus and bridge sections. Check out one of the songs we have been learning, here:

“High Hopes” – Kodaline

All fifth class groups are flying in Holy Trinity and we cannot wait to hear the end result of ‘Let’s Drum’ as it develops.

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