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Our short ‘Learn & Explore’ programme in Stepaside NS went by so quickly! Mobile Music tutor, Rebecca, was delighted to see the students enjoy singing and playing percussion over the course of the six weeks.

Junior infants and senior infants loved playing percussion and singing. They listened and moved around to The Carnival of The Animals- we had some very convincing Elephants, Tigers and Birds in this class! They learned all about dynamics in music, and students had a chance to conduct their classmates singing some of the songs they had learnt, too.

1st class got great enjoyment out of the story that went along with “In the Hall of the Mountain King”. They also learnt some body percussion to accompany the beat of the music. The students did a great job of picking up the pace as the tempo gradually got faster and faster.

2nd class also enjoyed “In the Hall of the Mountain King”. These students absolutely loved playing percussion. The class added percussion to a song, and played it along to John Ryan’s Polka using Dabbledoo Music. The students were also introduced to a new and unusual instrument – a Digeridoo! As each student attempted to play it we got some very strange and interesting sounds….


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