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Last week in our 5 step guide to teaching music education, we looked at the positive effects of interactive circle time when teaching music in the classroom. Once students have gotten the opportunity to interact, sing and dance as a group, they are much more comfortable singing aloud and expressing themselves. This week we will discuss how to teach effective music practice.


Effective Music Practice

  • With their warm up and interactive singing activities complete, our students are then ready to practice the song they are learning at their desks before standing together as a group to perform.
  • Our music tutors are always full of energy and set a great example for the students on how they should conduct effective music practice by standing tall and projecting their voice, as well as concentrating on the words of the song and the movements that go along with it.
  • Our students report having a true sense of joy and pride in their music which encourages them to practise.
  • The most effective music practice is done when children enjoy making music!


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Our 5 Step Guide to Teaching Music Education – Step 4: Performance Techniques coming next week!


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