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This month’s complementary lesson plan from the Mobile Music School is all about exploring the beat. This lesson aims to develop an awareness of the beat and increase students’ sense of aural awareness. These activities are great for promoting group participation as well as developing a good understanding of tempo through the use of handheld percussion instruments.


The lesson begins by students clapping around the circle and practicing some counting patterns with their instruments. Pupils get the chance to take on the role of the drummer and learn all about what’s involved in keeping the beat of the music.


Throughout the lesson, the group will send musical notes called TA and TI-TI around the circle. Students must practice their listening skills while waiting for their turn to play the note on their instrument. While working as a team, the class group learn to keep in time and to keep the beat of the rhythm.




Another fun activity involves learning and reciting the Tempo Poem. It goes like this…


Tempo means go fast or slow

One new word is Adagio

This means slow

So here we go


Tempo means go fast or slow

Another new word is Allegro

This means fast

So here we go


Tempo means go fast or slow

Have a little listen to us as we go



Our students get great enjoyment out of learning all about Adagio and Allegro beats through this fun-based activity. To receive our monthly complementary lesson plans, please sign up to our website by submitting your name and email address in the right sidebar.


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